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Will the H20, Water Diet Work

Will the H2O, Water Diet Work

                                                                                                                            by Charles J Barney Sr.

Most of us from time to time have to deal with the battle of the bulge when our weight just seems to get away from us a little bit. Like many people, I have fought in this battle and have occasionally fought a good fight, losing several pounds before giving in to temptation again. It has come time to take up arms and fight the fight once again so what weapon should I use. I have used the Atkins diet and other low carbohydrate systems which really worked well. I believe, however, that I have suffered some long term health consequences because of those diets. I could simply cut back on my intake of food; but that is no fun. Pills scare me and the sprinkle diet didn't work when I tried it. So, this time I will try the H2O diet as recommended by Doctor Travis Stork from the TV show, the Doctors.Will the H2O, Water Diet Work?

My wife was kind enough to assist me this morning by making sure I gulped down a big glass of water before I ate my breakfast, a black cherry Chobani yogurt. My diet has started. What are the basics of the diet? Simply drink plenty of water. We've been told since we have been kids that it is a good idea to drink water; so, now I will give it a try to see if it really works as an aide to losing weight. The diet suggests that you do the following: drink eight ounces of water when you wake up, in the mid morning, before lunch, mid afternoon, before dinner, and at eight in the evening. The diet is supposed to "flush away" one to three pounds a week. Dr. Stork also says that it is possible to lose up to eight pounds and ten inches in a single week by using this diet.

The good doctor suggests that using this diet will increase our metabolisms by up to 25%. He also suggests that the diet will improve the functioning of every organ in our bodies including the brain, and who can't use a little more brain power? This diet is also supposed to make us less hungry and save us from about 450 extra calories a day. Of course, you need a guinea pig to test the diet, and that will be me.

Today is September 26. Check back with me in a few weeks to see if the diet is working. I will give updates as long as I can stick with the diet. If you would like to find out all of the details they can be found in the September 19 issue of Woman's World Magazine.

Will the H20, Water Diet Work